Thursday, August 26, 2010

Terminator Cs5

So I work in the computer lab at school (fun!) and got the chance to test out the new computers. THEY HAD CS5 ON THEM. I was pretty excited to try out the new Content Aware Fill feature, aka the Terminator Tool.

So I stole this pretty sweet picture of a dude totally hangin' ten.

Then I roughly outlined the surfer dude (really roughly!). Went to edit, fill, content aware, ok. And BOOOM.

Gone. Almost without a trace! I spent maybe 10 minutes touching some patches up using the heal and spot heal tool, but really little was needed to make it seem like he was never there catching a sweet swell.

I could have done more, like take out his reflection on the wave, but I didn't get the chance. So what does this mean for photography? The Terminator Tool scares me, but it's also pretty damn cool and a lot of fun. For me, this means I can go 'shop Amanda out of my pictures, making them way better.